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Adam Smith Theatre

The 'Lang Toun' (long town) of Kirkcaldy was originally several villages scattered along the Fife coastline. As the villages grew and merged, Kirkcaldy formed into Fife's largest town. Daniel Defoe described Kirkcaldy as 'one street, one mile long'.

Kirkcaldy developed around it's harbour area in the 16th century and expanded as trade with Europe flourished. In the early 20th century Kirkcaldy became a centre of linoleum manufacture - the original Nairn company (now Forbo-Nairn) continues to make floor coverings today.

The town boasts several parks and gardens, including Beveridge Park and Ravenscraig Park, a castle (Ravenscraig), a museum and a theatre (Adam Smith Theatre).

Amongst Kirkcaldy's famous sons is Adam Smith, the 18th century political economist famed for his Wealth of Nations.